$20,000 starting aid package
The Main Street Scholarship

All Students are Welcome on Main Street.

Education should be accessible for all. With the Main Street Scholarship, Capital has created a diverse and equitable community with student-focused education and opportunities around every corner.

$20,000 starting aid package
All are eligible.

About Capital University

Located on Main Street, Capital is the perfect combination of a close-knit community and bustling city life. From classroom excellence to experiential learning opportunities, student success is the cornerstone of Capital. Discover your future with the CapFam today!

Welcome to Main Street

The Main Street Scholarship at Capital is available to all accepted, full-time, undergraduate students who are entering their first year of college, including full-time transfer and international students. The Scholarship is a $20,000 award given annually and is potentially renewable for up to four years. Renewal is dependent on minimum GPA requirements and full-time enrollment. With this gift, we’re extending our hand to welcome you to the Capital community.

Access for All

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You may find yourself asking “what should I study?” or “what will my future be?” You might be wondering how you will pay for your education. Capital works with you to make college affordable. In addition to the Main Street Scholarship, other scholarships and aid are available and can be paired with the MSS. And have you heard about Project Indigo? Capital now provides an iPad and Apple Pencil to all undergraduate students, giving them greater access to learning and resources using the latest technology.

Commitment to Success

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Committed to the success of each and every student, Capital sees education as an investment in the future. With the Main Street Scholarship, students are able to think and dream about the doors that can be opened with a college degree. At Capital, the value of an education is measured by outcome: an impressive 98% of our students say that within 6 months they are where they think they should be in their career or life path.

Open to Opportunity

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Access to internships, hands-on learning, and a robust network of alumni and community partners help Capital students realize their potential and transform their communities. Whether a student is a leader by position or through purpose, Capital offers a welcoming place to grow. Through the Main Street Scholarship, students have the opportunity to learn in a smaller school setting and yet, access all that Columbus has to offer.

Ask. Think. Lead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Main Street Scholarship is a merit-based award offered by Capital University. With The Main Street Scholarship, Capital has committed to creating a more diverse and equitable community through accessible education. We believe that motivated students should not be excluded from a quality education because financial capacity. For this reason, Capital provides the opportunity for students to receive a significant award to assist them in reaching their educational goals.

  • Through The Main Street Scholarship, all accepted full-time incoming undergraduate students will be awarded a scholarship of at least $20,000, and possibly more, depending on additional academic, community and leadership experience.
  • Main Street Scholarship dollars are applied to tuition only. Scholarship dollars cannot be applied to room and board, books, and university fees.
  • We encourage accepted students to talk with their admission counselor to see if they are eligible for additional scholarships or aid.

  • The amount of The Main Street Scholarship is determined based on a holistic application review of merit and academic achievement conducted by the Admission Office. The Main Street Scholarship is renewable for eight semesters and will be based on the same criteria established by the Admission Office.  
  • Capital University’s Financial Aid Office offers a Net Price Calculator that can give you an estimate on where you may land with scholarships and other aid. We encourage prospective students and families to contact an admission counselor to discuss financial aid and scholarship questions.

  • Applying is simple and convenient! Your application for admission to Capital doubles as your scholarship application. Capital does not require a separate scholarship application. The Admission Office evaluates all students holistically, ensuring that each student receives the maximum scholarship and aid possible.
  • Complete an application to Capital University via The Common Application OR Capital University’s online application at capital.edu/apply. The application is free.
  • A complete application includes an official high school transcript. While no essay is required, the Admission Office does recommend submitting an essay for evaluation.
  • Capital University is currently test-optional, meaning that students can apply with or without standardized test scores.

  • The Main Street Scholarship is effective beginning in Fall 2022. This award is available to accepted, full-time, traditional undergraduate students, including full-time transfer and international students. Part-time undergraduate and graduate students are not eligible for The Main Street Scholarship.
  • All undergraduate majors and minors are eligible.
  • As with all institutional aid, students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and be enrolled as a full-time student to maintain the Scholarship award.

  • Yes! Capital is a place where everyone belongs, the Main Street Scholarship is just the beginning. Historically we’ve offered more than $50 million dollars in scholarships, grants and aid annually to make Capital more affordable for families.
  • Capital offers two forms of financial aid: merit-based and need-based.
    • Merit-based awards are offered as scholarships and grants and are based on a student’s academic performance, talent, and affinity. When granting merit-based awards, Capital considers:
      • High school GPA.
      • ACT/SAT test scores, if provided.
      • Transcripts and performance on music auditions and scholarship competitions, including Collegiate Fellowship, Capital Scholars, and Battelle Scholars.
      • Student interests and relationships, and affiliations (i.e., family member is a Capital graduate, siblings or family members who are current students, Lutheran church affiliation).
    • Need-based awards are given over and above government grants and loans. Eligibility is based solely on the outcome of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) submitted by the prospective student and their family. Factors such as test scores or athletic ability have no bearing on need-based awards.
  • Ninety-nine percent of traditional undergraduate students, including transfer students, receive financial aid from Capital.

  • The Main Street Scholarship will launch in Fall 2022. Current Capital students are not eligible for review under The Main Street Scholarship criteria. We encourage current students to connect with financial aid to explore additional scholarship opportunities.  

  • Yes. Residential status (living on campus vs. commuting from home) is not a factor of eligibility for The Main Street Scholarship.
  • For residential students, fees associated with room and board cannot be paid for by The Main Street Scholarship. The Scholarship can only be applied to tuition. Residential students (students living on campus) are eligible for the Comet Community Award, a $1000 scholarship that can be applied toward housing and meal plan costs.

  • Completion of the FAFSA is not required to qualify for The Main Street Scholarship. However, we encourage all students to consider completing the FAFSA to identify additional resources that may be available to them through state or federal funds as well as additional resources from Capital University.

We encourage you to contact the Admission Office with any questions: 614-236-6101 or admission@capital.edu. Additional scholarship opportunities are listed on our Financial Aid page.