A Champion Has Been Chosen.

Capital Comets Logo

Radiant. Trailblazing. Awe-inspiring.

Over the past several months, our CapFam has been on a mission to choose a new champion to represent the school, our students, athletic teams, and the entire campus community. Out of all the ideas submitted for consideration, one outshined all the rest. We are proud to announce and become the CAPITAL COMETS!

The selection and symbolism of the Comet logo represent many of the values and distinctions of Capital University. As the oldest university in central Ohio, the logo pays homage to the capital city where our campuses reside. The two stars represent our Bexley and downtown locations and the double “C” calls attention to our new identity as the Capital Comets. And like the brilliant comets found in our solar system, the Comet symbol will remind us of the opportunities we have to shine, blaze new trails, discover our potential and move forward in confidence.

Soon we will begin to introduce Comet-branded apparel, athletic uniforms and campus signage. We look forward to this time of excitement, renewed energy and enthusiasm as together we move forward and “In Radiant Splendor Shine”*!
*Taken from the lyrics of Capital University's Alma Mater.

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We Are the Capital Comets



People Submitted Nominations


Ideas Submitted


Voted for the Finalists


This project was made possible through a gift from an anonymous donor. More information will be shared as we progress through the process.

Submit Your Ideas


Over 800 members of the CapFam submitted their ideas through March 1, 2021.

Gather and Evaluate


The Mascot Committee reviewed hundreds of ideas and carefully narrowed it down to the top picks.

Choose Your Champion


Four finalists were shared and thousands of votes were received through June 11, 2021.

Celebrate Your Champion


All over campus, school spirit is shining brighter than ever – now that we’re officially the Capital Comets!